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Dennis Rodman: TV Commercials TV Commercial featuring Dennis Rodman promoting everything from Poker to Blackjack!

Alain Robert climbs in Mexico City
Alain Robert, the French daredevil famous for scaling some of the world's tallest buildings, made it to the top of a Mexico City skyscraper on Thursday, December 7, 2006.  » Read More

A Holy Ride - Infamous Car Selling Again On eBay is putting The Pope Mobile from record-breaking auction back on the block for charity  » Read More

New Lobster-Roll Eating World Record!
The world's greatest competitive eater, Takeru Kobayashi, set a new world record by consuming 41 lobster rolls in just 10 minutes. That's a pretty quick way to make $10,000 in prize money!  » Read More

Raging Boll: Movie Director Gets Even With Critics
Filmmaker Uwe Boll made history this weekend by beating the tar out of four of his harshest critics in a boxing match sponsored by publicity-hungry internet casino  » Read More Sponsors Air Guitar Championships
An army of air guitar gunslingers was on hand to strut their stuff in the northern Finnish city of Oulu this past weekend for the Air Guitar World Championships, sponsored by!  » Read More

Museum of Oddities On Tour!!
Requests from fans and players alike to see the collection has been overwhelming so we decided to bring it all to them by creating a museum on wheels.  » Read More

Alain Robert does it again! In Spain!
Alain Robert has climbed the 140 meters tall Agbar Tower in Barcelona. In a ?Climb for Peace?, Alain Robert scaled the bullet-shaped, new Catalan icon in Spain.  » Read More

Golden Palace Goes The Distance With "Hold Nothing Back" Match
In a fight that was dubbed a "Hold Nothing Back" match, "King" Arthur Williams defeated Kenny "The Emmett Eliminator" Keene in Boise, Idaho while proudly sporting the famous tattoo on his back.  » Read More

Winner of Pie Eating Contest Consumes 7.9 lbs Of Rhubarb  » Read More

Meet the Improv Group! has named adults and babies and even monkeys, flowers and cows, but never a whole team! A NYC Improv Group has just sold the right to name their group on eBay.  » Read More

Estonians win Wife-Carrying Championship!
The World Wife-Carrying Championships were held last weekend! A couple from Estonia won the 250 meter race held in Sonkajarvi, Finland.  » Read More

Sky High Ad Campaign! has reached new heights with its media ad campaigns. Several skydivers and base-jumpers have given the #1 Online Casino a big lift.  » Read More in surprise TV appearance!
In the USA Network show "The Dead Zone", as Johnny is walking though an office complex, he glances into one of the cubicles, and what should he see? Someone's playing online at!  » Read More

Las Vegas Getting Cheesier by the Second!
Only in Sin City could such gluttony be celebrated as it was this weekend, when the IFOCE was in town, for the World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship.  » Read More

Grilled Cheese seller gets Grilled Cheese Tattoo!
The original owner of the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich is having its likeness tattooed on her chest. Diana Duyser, from Fort Lauderdale, FL was inked with a facsimile of the famous sandwich.  » Read More

Alien Duck Migrates into Online Casino?s Collection!
Spending $10,000 to win an eBay auction for an x-ray of a duck with an alien in its stomach is just another day at the office for online casino  » Read More

Bertoletti Wins World Ice Cream Eating Championship
Patrick Bertoletti, a 20-year-old culinary student from Chicago, today won the World Ice Cream Eating Championship by consuming 1.75 gallons of ice cream in eight minutes.  » Read More to Brand Eight eBay Celebs!
Eight eBay celebrities will be attending the eBay Live conference in Las Vegas in mid-June. They?ll all be decked out in tattoos, t-shirts and hats while they?re there.  » Read More Makes Beautiful Music for Charity. has purchased a Ukulele specially made for Warren Buffet. Mr. Buffet signed the uke before it was sold on eBay for the winning bid of $11,211.11.  » Read More, now at your local bookstore! has played a significant role in eBay?s transition from auction site to marketing tool. And historic purchases like the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese have propelled them into the limelight.  » Read More

Cliff-diving car to sport logo! will advertise on a car as it?s driven off a cliff! For a winning bid of $2,550.00, the online casino purchased the right to have its logo plastered all over the seller?s 97 Dodge Neon.  » Read More enters Howard Stern film contest!
Most people have heard of Howard Stern, and now he?s making waves on Sirius Satellite Radio. Recently, he announced The Howard Stern Film Festival, and received over 2,000 entries.  » Read More

The toilet formerly owned by Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia and bought on eBay by a few weeks ago has been stolen. The casino paid just over $2,500 for the deadhead?s head.  » Read More

Online Casino Gambles on Charity Bowl!
Buying a ceramic bowl for $7,099 sounds crazy, unless you?re, who has spent the last few years making a name for themselves by buying eccentric and unusual items on eBay.  » Read More

Internet Casino Buys Head of Grateful Dead?s Head
Internet casino has touched a nation of hippies and Deadheads, as well as a worthy charity, with their latest eBay purchase of four toilets formerly owned by the legendary Jerry Garcia.  » Read More

Miracle Tree Joins Online Casino?s Collection of Divine Items.
It?s been said that God works in mysterious ways. And it doesn?t get much more mysterious than this?the image of the Virgen De Guadalupe in a tree.  » Read More

William Shatner Passes Kidney Stone To!
Captain?s log. Star date: 011806. William Shatner has gone where no man has gone before and sold a part of himself to for $25,000 to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  » Read More

Internet Casino Acquires Seattle Super Dog ? eBay?s Hottest Dog adds to its collection of eccentric items while benefiting cancer research.  » Read More gets an icy reception!
A courageous and fun-loving group of people took an icy plunge for Gleny and his friends participated in the annual Polarbear Plunge, much to the delight of onlookers.  » Read More

Ex-Marine Escapes From Famous Prison!
Retired marine Jay 'Patch' Platt has done what many have said was an impossible feat; he swam the 1?-mile distance from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco with his hands and feet tied.  » Read More

Billy Bob Joe to write theme song!
Crazy Billy Bob Joe has auctioned off the opportunity to have him write a song for The online casino paid $26.00 on eBay, and now has a songwriter on staff, so to speak.  » Read More

The VW Golf owned by Pope Benedict XVI in the UK.
The famous 1999 Volkswagen Golf, once owned by Pope Benedict XVI, and won on eBay by for an amazing ?188,938.88 ($244,590.83 USD), has now arrived in the UK.  » Read More

White House Deed Winds Up In Casino?s Hands!
The only known deed to exist for America?s most famous address has been bought by Internet casino and poker room for an unbelievable $43.45 through online auction house  » Read More

Nevada Woman Uses Head To Raise Money For Charity
They have paid $18,000 to shave a woman?s head and permanently tattoo ?, the website of the popular online poker room, on her bare cranium.  » Read More

Holy Pierogi: Fried Image of Christ Sold to Online Casino
Online casino paid $1,775 USD to win an eBay auction for a pierogi that bears the image of Jesus Christ.  » Read More

Alain Robert Sighted Climbing Skyscraper in France!
Alain Robert is the French skyscraper climber who holds the world record for most successful climbs of the world's tallest structures.  » Read More sponsors ?King of Vegas? on SpikeTV!
Spike TV is airing a new show called the ?King of Vegas?. And Online Casino School is a sponsor of the show!  » Read More

Contestants eat up St. Pat's Day Eating Championship
Chicago competitive eater Patrick Bertoletti downed 5.75 pounds of corned beef and cabbage in 10 minutes, besting a field of power chowers to win a $2,500 purse.  » Read More

The Shadows of GroundHog Day
Traditionally, it is on this day that the groundhog is supposed to awaken and come up out of his burrow. If he sees his shadow, he will return to the burrow for six more weeks of winter.  » Read More

Hearts Rapidly Devoured at Valentine's Day Massacre
In a violent display of mass consumption, Chicago native Patrick Bertoletti slaughtered the competition by eating nearly 2 pounds of chocolate hearts.  » Read More

Alain Robert conquers Paris skyscraper!
In yet another extreme climbing escapade, Alain Robert successfully climbed a 42-story building in Paris. logos were clearly visible as he scaled the tower on December 20th.  » Read More

Sonya Thomas is World Grilled Cheese-Eating Champion
Sonya Thomas of Virginia mounted a dramatic, come from behind charge, swallowing three grilled cheese sandwiches in the final moments to edge Joey Chestnut of California for the win.  » Read More sponsored boxer fights on home turf!
Another tattooed boxer has made an appearance for Zab Judah fought an anonymous challenger to get ready for a possible fight with his best pound-for-pound opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr.  » Read More

Hot-rod Rod races in ?Run? revival!
Dennis Rodman is among the many celebrities racing in Bullrun USA 2005, an eight-day, cross-country rally race that is a real-life version of Burt Reynolds? 1981 hit movie Cannonball Run.  » Read More

Lights! Cameras! Poker Action! At the Yari Film Festival! took a front seat along with some notable Hollywood Stars at the recent Yari Film Group Event. The co-sponsors of this event also hosted the Hollywood Hold?em Poker tournament.  » Read More

Dennis Rodman Lucky To Be Alive
Dennis Rodman really should be dead by now, and his entrance at the official book signing of his upcoming biography proved he has a sense of humor about it.  » Read More

Bulls Eager For Rodman?s Return
Dennis Rodman?s return to the bulls won?t win him another NBA championship, but it did raise money and awareness for a much-deserving charity.  » Read More gobbling up the competition!!
The Thanksgiving Invitational turkey eating competition was won by a 105-pound woman by the name of Sonya Thomas at Artie's Delicatessen in New York City on November 24, 2005.  » Read More makes mainstream music video debut! is everywhere these days, even appearing in the hit Ludacris video ?Pimpin? All Over The World".  » Read More backs two cars in Grand Prix Masters!
Golden Palace Online Casino backed two drivers in the recent Grand Prix Masters Series race at Kyalami International raceway in Gauteng, South Africa.  » Read More

Marketing stunt lands in prison!! recently sponsored the Angola Prison Rodeo, the longest running prison rodeo in the country.  » Read More

Eat To Compete: World Grilled Cheese-Eating Championship Circuit Underway
The best competitive eaters will tour the country downing as many grilled-cheese sandwiches as they can. $20,000 is up for grabs for the eaters with the highest totals at the circuit?s end.  » Read More

Welterweight Hector Camacho Jr. at Pechanga Casino.
Welterweight Hector Camacho Jr. makes appearance at Pechanga Casino, and is successful against opponent Nelson Estupinan.  » Read More

Funnyguy branded by!
Cory Williams, otherwise known as ?MrSafety, The Professional Idiot? has agreed to have the logo tattooed on his forehead while on tour in the U.S.  » Read More

100 Painted Cows: PETA Supports Unique Advertising Idea
Your message painted on a LIVE COW! These simple words launched the auction that would eventually lead to the online casino owning the rights to advertise on one HUNDRED head of cattle.  » Read More

Dennis Rodman Crosses Line With Wife
Rodman was on hand for the 2005 Wife Carrying World Championships in Sonkaj?rvi, Finland, sponsored by Wife carrying has it's origins in the 19th century practice of wife stealing.  » Read More

Key Item of JFK Conspiracy Sold On Internet
A piece from one of the most infamous and tragic events in American history has been auctioned off to Internet casino for $32,664.47.  » Read More Supports Dan Smith USO Comedy Tour
Comedian Dan Smith as in Okinawa, Japan for his 10th USO Comedy Tour, and made sure he was well-clothed!  » Read More

Fabien Barthez Puppet purchased in eBay Charity Auction, a household name as a result of its innovative marketing campaigns, once again makes headlines as a result of the purchase of Fabien Barthez's puppet counterpart.  » Read More

Fastest Talking Woman Takes Dive to Titanic Wreckage
The world?s fastest talking woman Fran Capo took the dive of her life on July 10 when she descended 2 1/2 miles under the Atlantic Ocean to say a speedy prayer for the victims of the infamous Titanic.  » Read More

Pope Benedict XVI's Car Now Officially in the Hands of! Worldwide Tour Kicks Off... presents cheque for $244,590.83 USD to eBay seller live on popular German television show Stern TV!  » Read More

If You Can't Beat It, Buy It: Bring The Michael Jackson Trial Home
Live the drama of the Michael Jackson trial in the comfort of your own home without locking up your children. has won the auction for the Keith Olbermann Michael Jackson Puppet Theatre.  » Read More featured on MSNBC's Countdown
Keith Olbermann's television program, Countdown, took a look at some of the cutting edge advertising and marketing efforts by Golden Palace in a recent airing of the program on MSNBC.  » Read More

A Holy Ride: Pope Benedict XVI's Car Sold On eBay In Record-Breaking Auction
The item that incredibly received over 8.5 million visitors to its auction page was Pope Benedict XVI's Volkswagen Golf. The holy car now belongs to  » Read More

Famous Faces Flood Windsor on Royal Wedding Day!
Windsor wedding watchers were startled and delighted today to see some very familiar famous faces popping up to join in the jubilations.  » Read More

Woman Gets $15,199 To Change Name Forever
As a result of her one-of-a-kind auction, the seller formerly known as Terri Ilagan, will be paid $15,199 to legally change her name to  » Read More kneads its way to win eBay Bread and Board
After a frenzy of last-minute bidding, walked away with Tony Danza's bread, or the best parts at least: the ends.  » Read More

Twist of Fate - Holy Pretzel Sells for $10,600 now has a pretzel that some believe is shaped like the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. swooped in about 30 seconds before bidding closed.  » Read More

Polar Plunge for Special Olympics!
During a cold day in February, this team of characters jumped into the frigid waters off New Jersey. Their antics earned money for the Special Olympics through a contribution from  » Read More

Golden Palace Casino Secures FleetCenter Naming Rights
Online gaming site granted February 16th single-day naming rights by Delaware North Companies; Boston arena to be re-named the " Center"  » Read More

Latest eBay 'Human Billboard' Auction Turns its Back on Conventional Advertising!
Online casino places winning bid in London man's eBay auction to have buyer's logo permanently tattooed on his back.  » Read More

Mystifying Image Of Virgin Mary On Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sold To
Mystifying Image Of Virgin Mary On Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sold To  » Read More To Be First Permanent Forehead Ad Tattoo will leave a lasting impression on "The Human Pincushion" Brent Moffatt, who auctioned off his forehead on eBay.  » Read More

Ad Campaign Climbs To New Heights
Daredevil free-climber Alain Robert scaled Hong Kong?s 62-story Cheung Kong Center skyscraper with his bare hands on Saturday, wearing the ever-popular tattoo of  » Read More

First Ghost Sold on eBay - Buys Another Paranormal Item, the online casino that recently bought the immensely popular Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich, has just bought another paranormal item on eBay.  » Read More Buys Authentic Titanic Artifact For $10,000
An authentic plate from the doomed ship Titanic has been sold on eBay, through, for $10,000 USD to  » Read More

Dennis Rodman Runs with the Bulls for MS
Dennis Rodman, legendary basketball player, and Ray Sabbatini, a man stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, ran with the bulls to help fund research to find a cure for MS.  » Read More

CBS Reports On Golden Palace?s Unique Marketing Campaign
CBS recently reported on how online casinos are legally restricted from advertising in traditional media, and how they?ve found a ?new? media ? body billboards.  » Read More

The World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship
The nation's top competitive eaters gathered in Venice Beach, CA, for the World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship.  » Read More

Danny Green Defeats Rival Eric Lucas To Win Title
Danny Green defeated French Canadian fighter Eric Lucas to win the WBC interim super middleweight championship. Lucas went down in the sixth in a match dubbed as being a "Head-on Collision".  » Read More

Green survives knock-down to win in fifth
Danny Green recovered from the first knock-down of his professional career to stop Argentinian Omar Gonzales...  » Read More

Boxer Danny Green Wins Down Under
With the infamous tattoo emblazoned on his back, Australian hero Danny Green handily defeated his opponent Sean Sullivan at the packed Challenge Stadium.  » Read More

UPDATE: Temporary Hold on Planned Flight to Space
The Space Program Powered by the da Vinci Project announced that it has revised its October 2nd planned flight to space in pursuit of the Ansari X PRIZE.  » Read More

Cricket finally becomes an exciting game!!
Mark Roberts has made another splash with his latest streak. At the 5th day of the Ashes Test Match in Kennington, UK, Roberts did some ballet-type moves around the field in nothing more than a tutu and thong.  » Read More has 'The Beckham Ball'!
The infamous ball from David Beckham's missed shootout kick at Euro 2004 Quarter-Final match vs. Portugal is now in the hands of  » Read More

Skater Streaks World Figure Skating Championships
Dortmund crowds aghast in Ladies Free Program event of World Figure Skating Championships 2004 when emblazoned streaker strikes for skating gold...  » Read More

Alain Robert Defies Gravity Down Under
The world famous daredevil named Alain Robert climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge with displayed on his chest and back.  » Read More

'Super Bowel' streaker makes irregular appearance at Super Bowl XXXVIII
Notorious British streaker Mark Roberts pulled off his first successful North American streak at Super Bowl XXXVIII.  » Read More gets Exposure while Gleny has fun!
Gleny loves to have fun, and he travels all over the country with his friends to do it! And he often takes along for the ride too!  » Read More

Mark Roberts streaks Real Madrid Home Opener
The well-known streaker was wearing nothing but a ad tattoo on his torso, the phrase 'I'm The Real Goldenballs' on his chest in reference to Madrid's recently signed Golden Boy David Beckham.  » Read More

Ron Simon streaks Women's British Open
The crowd hissed and booed as Simon was escorted off the course by security, and Sorenstam's caddie Terry McNamara even went so far as to give him a swift kick in the rear.  » Read More

Mark Roberts runs with the bulls!
Notorious serial streaker Mark Roberts sprints after bulls that nearly trampled him while promoting Internet casino  » Read More

Mark Roberts streaks Royal Ascot!
In honor of Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot, the infamous Mark Roberts arrived at the event dressed in elaborate drag, wearing a full-length black batwing dress.  » Read More

Mark Roberts streaks UEFA Cup Final
Players looked somewhat confused as a man dressed as a referee ran to center field, presented a red card, then tore away his clothes to reveal the words ' Click Here' on his back.  » Read More

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