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Dennis Rodman Crosses Line With Wife

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Basketball Legend and Online Casino Team up for Wife-Carrying Contest

July 5, 2005, Sonkaj?rvi, Finland -- As an NBA legend, notorious party animal, headline-grabbing celebrity, wrestler, poker player, and talk-show host, Dennis Rodman has done it all. Except lend his unique brand of shock value to the 2005 Wife Carrying World Championships. Now ?The Worm? proves there?s a first time for everything.

Rodman was on hand for the 2005 Wife Carrying World Championships in Sonkaj?rvi, Finland, sponsored by Like so many of the world's more bizarre events, wife carrying has it's origins buried deep in the bosom of an age old local tradition - in this case, the 19th century practice of wife stealing.

The competition has achieved enormous popularity worldwide spawning North American, Australian, German, South African, and Estonian Championships. But the World Championships will always be in Sonkaj?rvi where it all started.

Unfortunately Rodman was not able to bring his wife because she recently broke her leg. He chose a lucky local girl to carry instead. The ex-basketball star only participated in the final 100 meters of the 235 meter course saying that he was not ready for such a grueling course. In a post-event press conference, Rodman promised to train harder for next year?s competition. The Estonians went on to win the event.

The casino has been making headlines for years with their outrageous advertising, and this is just the kind of eccentricity that attracts the popular gaming site, as well as their celebrity spokesperson Rodman.

Rodman has been involved with several marketing campaigns, including the famous Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona with Ray Sabbatini, a man stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, to support MS awareness and help find a cure for the deadly disease.

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