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Froch wins WBC super middleweight title fight sponsored Carl Froch and his WBC super middleweight title fight on Saturday, Dec. 6 2008. Froch (24-0) won after outpointing the courageous Canadian Jean Pascal (now 21-1) in front of a packed Nottingham Trent FM arena.  » Read More

GoldenPalace in the ring again
Hennessy Sports in association with are proud to announce that the rescheduled date and venue for the British Middleweight Championship fight will now be held on Friday 20th June 2008 at the SkyDome Arena Coventry.  » Read More

A Holy Ride - Infamous Car Selling Again On eBay is putting The Pope Mobile from record-breaking auction back on the block for charity  » Read More Sponsors Cobra's Hood
Carl 'The Cobra' Froch became the first ever to stop world operator Sergey Tatevosyan at the Nottingham Arena on Friday night, whilst standout prospect John O'Donnell landed his first professional title.  » Read More Pays 10K for a Ground Clash
'The Snowman' Jeff Monson was crowned 10k Ground King at a fantastic night at the Hackney Empire Theatre in London.  » Read More Punches Up Their Exposure adds presence to the boxing world by becoming the title sponsor for the WBC World Light Welterweight Championship, held at Alexandra Palace.  » Read More

Alain Robert climbs in Mexico City
Alain Robert, the French daredevil famous for scaling some of the world's tallest buildings, made it to the top of a Mexico City skyscraper on Thursday, December 7, 2006.  » Read More

Reporter trading his 60 cent check for WSOP entry
Reporter Aaron Todd won the money in a free tournament on a new Internet poker site while doing research to write about it.  » Read More

Longest Handcuffed Swim: Filmmaker Breaks World Record, the internet casino famous for their unusual and often outrageous advertising campaigns, has done it again by sponsoring Canadian director Matt Frame's record-breaking feat for the world's longest handcuffed swim.  » Read More

New Lobster-Roll Eating World Record!
The world's greatest competitive eater, Takeru Kobayashi, set a new world record by consuming 41 lobster rolls in just 10 minutes. That's a pretty quick way to make $10,000 in prize money!  » Read More

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