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Alain Robert Defies Gravity Down Under

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, NOVEMBER 21, 2003 -- Alain Robert, the world famous daredevil aptly named Alain Robert free-climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge yesterday with the website address displayed on his chest and back.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is considered a huge tourist attraction and visitors are encouraged to climb the bridge as part of a 3-hour supervised tour. Onlookers gaped as the 41-year-old seemingly defied gravity and left his unique mark on the attraction by climbing to the top of the arch -- an incredible 134 meters above sea level -- without ropes or safety equipment.

The climb literally stopped traffic, causing gridlock on the bridge as motorists came to a standstill, glued to Robert's every move. A helicopter provided local news with details of Robert's status. With no safety equipment, onlookers were curious to see if he would survive or plunge to his death.

Robert underlined his amazing feat by taking a death-defying stroll along the top of the massive structure. He then descended under his own volition and was promptly arrested by local authorities. He was later released on bail.

When asked about the extra walk on top of the bridge, Robert said, 'I've heard that climbing this bridge is one of the most popular things to do in Sydney. I wanted to make the most of it. I wanted to do it my own way. It was a once in a lifetime experience.'

Premier Bob Carr was challenged by opposition police spokesman Peter Debnam to explain how there could be such a breach of security at the bridge.

'First we had an attack on the Opera House, then on the HMAS Sydney, and now a breach of security on the Sydney Harbour Bridge,' said Debnam. 'It underlines again that Bob Carr's security measures are a joke when it comes to protecting our icons. On the eve of the Rugby World Cup final, it would undermine any community confidence that our icons are protected. It's very clear that the premier, the police minister and the police commissioner should explain to the public why they have continually failed to protect obvious targets in Sydney'.

The web address appearing on Robert's torso was that of cyber casino, the company notorious for high-profile advertising campaigns including the Henna ad tattoo appearing on dozens of boxers worldwide.

The 41-year-old Robert has climbed over 60 skyscrapers and landmarks world-wide including Malaysia's Petronas Towers, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and the straight-faced, glass-fronted Sears Tower in Chicago-the highest occupied building in the world.

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On August 09th, 2006 at 6:48 AM Lucas Rosadas said:

For many people what Robert do is such a crazy stuff. We have to realize that he climb routs more dificult than those world\'s tallest buildings ... The secret on my pont of view is on his mind ... i mean, its like a game between the high and his mind ... he almost win ... congratilations Robert !!!

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