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UPDATE: Temporary Hold on Planned Flight to Space

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TORONTO September 23, 2004: The Golden Space Program Powered by the da Vinci Project announced that it has revised its October 2nd planned flight to space in pursuit of the Ansari X PRIZE.

Contributing factors to this revision were availability of a few key components and their integration into the overall space flight program. The Project will provide public notice of its intended flights as soon as practicable under the auspices of the Ansari X PRIZE, notwithstanding the flight plans of any other competitor.

'The flight insurance for the 2 launches has been secured', says Brian Feeney, Project Leader. 'We're still a go for launch. We've made milestone progress since the early August arrival of our title sponsor, and we intend to prove that Canadians can and will put a man into space'.

The Space Program Powered by the da Vinci Project's aim of capturing the Ansari X PRIZE, the international 'New Race to Space(R)' is backed by a core of volunteers from many walks of life and disciplines. Aerospace engineers, experts in project management and finance contribute their time and expertise towards the realization of the next step in Human discovery. The Project's novel rocket design will be launched from the world's largest reusable helium balloon at an altitude of 80,000 feet (24,400 meters). To learn more, visit

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