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Golden Palace has been making a lot of headlines lately and for more than just their unusual purchases on eBay. The unusual auction items are part of a larger effort to promote the online casino, since traditional advertising methods are not an option to such enterprises.

Keith Olbermann's television program, Countdown, took a look at some of the cutting edge advertising and marketing efforts by Golden Palace in a recent airing of the program on MSNBC.

Golden Palace first made waves when its logo began appearing on the backs of fighters during boxing matches. Who can forget the placement of permanent and semi-permanent tattoos of "Golden Palace" in such places as foreheads, legs, the bellies of pregnant women and the chest of former swimsuit model, Shaune Bagwell?

The latest marketing trend is bidding on unusual objects up for auction on eBay. The famous Virgin Mary grilled cheese is just the tip of the iceberg. Golden Palace now boasts a collection including such items as Britney Spears' home pregnancy test and a VW Golf previously owned by Pope Benedict XVI.

Golden Palace has proven this new creative form of marketing works. Undoubtedly, you'll see Golden Palace buy more strange and wonderful items and see their name in strange and wonderful places...

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