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Fastest Talking Woman Takes Dive to Titanic Wreckage

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Internet Casino Sponsors Visit To Famous Shipwreck

ST. JOHNS, CANADA, JULY 26, 2005 -- The world?s fastest talking woman Fran Capo took the dive of her life on July 10 when she descended 2 1/2 miles under the Atlantic Ocean to say a speedy prayer for the victims of the infamous Titanic.

Capo had herself officially ordained for the dive and the US Navy chaplain wrote a special maritime, non-denominational memorial prayer for her to read at the site of the Titanic, something that has never been done.

No stranger to high-profile adventures, Capo set a new world record last year by being the first author to do a book signing at the top of Kilimanjaro.

Capo was sponsored by Internet casino, the well-known gaming site that has been making headlines all over the world with their outrageous marketing stunts.

Other than scientists, only a handful of people have had the honor of visiting the ship that was made a household name by Hollywood director James Cameron?s Oscar-winning film. Capo?s dive may very well be the last as further attempts to dive to the Titanic may be prohibited.

?This has got to be my greatest adventure,? said Capo in a post-dive interview. ?I was 2 1/2 miles down in the sea, a place few have gone. I did the first ever prayer down there and I visited one of the most talked about ships of all time.?

The entire story will be mentioned in her new book, Adrenaline Adventures Two, due out next April 15th, the 93rd anniversary of the Titanic.

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