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Estonians win Wife-Carrying Championship!

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The World Wife-Carrying Championships were held last weekend! A couple from Estonia won the 250 meter race held in Sonkajarvi, Finland. Sandra Kullas and Margo Uusorg won the sponsored event, beating out 40 other couples from around the world on a track with pools and hurdles, using one of the two traditional carrying styles. Kullas, 19, clung to Uusorg?s back upside down with her legs around his neck. They beat Uusorg's bother Madis by 3 seconds. The championship, being held for the 11th time, evokes the legend of robber Rosvo-Ronkainen who made people trying to join his gang run through a forest carrying heavy sacks. Uusorg and Kullas finished in 56.9 seconds, a world record time. It was Uusorg's fifth world-championship and he said it might be his last. The winners received laptop computers and Kullas' weight, 49 kg, in beer.

The competition has achieved enormous popularity worldwide spawning North American, Australian, German, South African, and Estonian Championships. But the World Championships will always be in Sonkaj?rvi where it all started. Last year, Dennis Rodman took part in the race, though without his wife who had recently broken her leg. has been making headlines for years with their outrageous advertising, and this is just the kind of eccentricity that attracts the popular gaming site, as well as their celebrity spokesperson Rodman. Rodman has been involved with several marketing campaigns, including the famous Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona with Ray Sabbatini, a man stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, to support MS awareness and help find a cure for the deadly disease.

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