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Mark Roberts streaks Real Madrid Home Opener

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September 1, 2003, MADRID, SPAIN -- Real Madrid's successful title defense against Real Betis on Saturday was interrupted by the 'World's Most Prolific Streaker' Mark Roberts, as part of another outlandish marketing stunt by his sponsor Internet casino

Seconds before the second half kicked off, Roberts made his appearance in typical dramatic flair. The well-known streaker was wearing nothing but a ad tattoo on his torso, the phrase 'I'm The Real Goldenballs' on his chest in reference to Madrid's recently signed Golden Boy David Beckham, and, of course, strategically placed golden balls.

Roberts' appearance was greeted with enthusiasm by the fans and amusement by the players and referees. Madrid's Brazilian ace Ronaldo even passed the ball to Roberts in mid-streak before the latter was escorted away by security. Roberts has streaked major sports events on the casino's behalf several times now, and he is always a hit with the crowd.

Madrid went on to win the game 2 -- 1. The first goal came from Beckham only two minutes into the game, and Ronaldo went on to net the game-winner in the 61st minute. This performance is exactly what Madrid had in mind when they acquired the superstar striker from Manchester United. With the addition of Beckham to an already star-studded cast, many believe that rival teams will now be extremely hard-pressed to stop the Real Madrid juggernaut.

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