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Las Vegas Getting Cheesier by the Second!

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Richard Rowe - CEO Golden PalaceRecord broken in World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship

MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2006, LAS VEGAS, NV ? Only in Sin City could such gluttony be celebrated as it was this weekend, when the International Federation of Competitive Eating was in town, along with online casino for the World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship. The event was part of the Arena Football League ArenaBowl XX Weekend.

Competitive eaters, a growing and increasingly celebrated breed of American athlete, gathered in Las Vegas to compete for the title of World Grilled Cheese Eating Champion. After 10 minutes of furious mastication by the best competitive eaters in the world, Joey Chestnut emerged the victor by eating an unbelievable 47 sandwiches. He also set a new world record with his voracious appetite, shattering the old world record of 36 sandwiches in 10 minutes.

?The grilled cheese sandwich has been unjustly ignored in America ,? said George Shea, chairman of the International Federation of Competitive Eating before the event. ?I believe this contest will highlight the grilled cheese?s position as one of history?s great sandwiches.?

Before the main competition, also offered $100,000 to any amateur that could beat the world record. The best anyone could manage was nine, by Nevada local Mike Justice, proving how difficult it really is for the IFOCE athletes to do what they do.

Inspired by famous eBay purchase of the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich?which now holds a high position in the ranks of American pop culture?the grilled cheese eating competitions have been crowd-pleasers all over the country, along with other food competitions including ice cream and chocolate valentine hearts.

?Of all our marketing campaigns, the eating competitions are definitely one of the most entertaining,? said CEO Richard Rowe. ?Everywhere we go, people have a wonderful time watching these athletes stuff themselves. It really is an incredible thing to watch. Although it would have been great for an aspiring amateur to have won the $100,000 and broken the record, we would like congratulate Joey on his amazing accomplishment.?

Setting the standard in marketing creativity, has devised some of the most exciting and outrageous advertising campaigns in the past few years. Items such as the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Britney Spears? Pregnancy Test, and William Shatner?s Kidney Stone have garnered extensive worldwide media attention for the casino. has also used their items and marketing reach to raise awareness and over $1,000,000 for various charities worldwide.

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YES!!! That's awesome! Congradulations Joey and!!!

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