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Another tattooed boxer has made an appearance for Zab Judah fought an anonymous but highly-ranked challenger to get ready for a possible fight with his best pound-for-pound opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr. For some reason, Zab fought a sub-par fight against the fired-up challenger who was hungry for stardom and the recognition that comes with ?knocking down? a giant. Baldomir won the fight in a unanimous decision, 115-113, 114-113, and 115-112.

Most people thought that Zab Judah's New York homecoming Saturday night at Madison Square Garden would be an easy win for him. Unfortunately for Judah, it was harder to deal with the awkward style of Carlos Baldomir than anyone thought it would be, and it cost Judah not only his welterweight titles, but also the April 8th showdown with Mayweather. Deciphering the conundrum of Baldomir's unusual style was not easy for the Brooklyn native, and the crowd quieted in round two as the pace slowed. Judah did his best to up the ante in the third round, but for some reason Baldomir's awkward style was making the fight a series of sloppy clinches, rabbit punches, and the occasional Judah haymaker.

We wish Zab the best of luck in the future, and are expectantly awaiting his comeback!

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On January 11th, 2006 at 1:06 PM SHIMMER said:

I was sporting the GPC ink, in Vegas, watching you sporting the GPC ink in NY...
99 percent of the people I encountered in Vegas, while I was advertising for GP.. as soon as they saw me, you were the first person they mentioned.. And they think you are the man!! Hey, you win some, you lose some.. Just wanted to let you know, YOU ROCK (not like you know who I am, but you still rock!) Shimmer
On January 19th, 2006 at 1:43 AM goldengirl1985 said:

hey shimmer should of taken me with never been to vegas and to think I live closer to it than you. Boxing is my passion and I watch it any chance I get, I learn new moves so I can beat anyone who want to mess with me in my wheelchair.. oh yeah they can't i pimped it out but got new wheelchair other day and back to pimp my new RED chair,, maybe i add a jet engine to it...... what ya think gpc....
Shimmer ok , gpc gots lots of love for ya girl.....
ok what the
you rock girl, and so does golden palace ....
gpc wheelchair ms mom .. i am a pop up on the video woo hoo.

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