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Surprise Streak, Surprise Gold For The Greeks!
There was an unexpected twist to yesterday's Olympic Men's Synchronized 3M Springboard Finals when a streaker climbed the diving platform...  » Read More

Skating Streaker's Outfit Sold on eBay
For $6,400 US, picked up the actual costume that Ron Bensimhon wore at the 2004 World Figure skating Championships.  » Read More

Toyota Cup Soccer Exposure for
At the Toyota Cup in Yokohama, Japan, a ?streaker? ran across the field during the game. Not as undressed as your usual streaker, but wearing the logo on his shirt.  » Read More

Cricket finally becomes an exciting game!!
Mark Roberts has made another splash with his latest streak. At the 5th day of the Ashes Test Match in Kennington, UK, Roberts did some ballet-type moves around the field in nothing more than a tutu and thong.  » Read More

Skater Streaks World Figure Skating Championships
Dortmund crowds aghast in Ladies Free Program event of World Figure Skating Championships 2004 when emblazoned streaker strikes for skating gold...  » Read More

'Super Bowel' streaker makes irregular appearance at Super Bowl XXXVIII
Notorious British streaker Mark Roberts pulled off his first successful North American streak at Super Bowl XXXVIII.  » Read More

Mark Roberts streaks Real Madrid Home Opener
The well-known streaker was wearing nothing but a ad tattoo on his torso, the phrase 'I'm The Real Goldenballs' on his chest in reference to Madrid's recently signed Golden Boy David Beckham.  » Read More

Ron Simon streaks Women's British Open
The crowd hissed and booed as Simon was escorted off the course by security, and Sorenstam's caddie Terry McNamara even went so far as to give him a swift kick in the rear.  » Read More

Laura Gosling streaks British Open... TOPLESS!
As British Open winner Ben Curtis was being handed the Claret Jug, a topless Laura Gosling broke away from the crowd and made a beeline to present him with a kiss.  » Read More

Mark Roberts streaks World Swimming Championships!
Mark Roberts, dressed only in a pink tutu, red bathing cap, and a tattoo did a little ballet dance before jumping into the pool during the synchronized swimming final of the World Swimming Championships.  » Read More

Mark Roberts runs with the bulls!
Notorious serial streaker Mark Roberts sprints after bulls that nearly trampled him while promoting Internet casino  » Read More

Mark Roberts streaks Royal Ascot!
In honor of Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot, the infamous Mark Roberts arrived at the event dressed in elaborate drag, wearing a full-length black batwing dress.  » Read More

Mark Roberts streaks French Open Tennis
English serial streaker Mark Roberts... clad only in three strategically-placed tennis balls raced onto court during a second set changeover and leaped over the net before being frogmarched out of the arena by a bevy of security guards.  » Read More

Mark Roberts streaks UEFA Cup Final
Players looked somewhat confused as a man dressed as a referee ran to center field, presented a red card, then tore away his clothes to reveal the words ' Click Here' on his back.  » Read More

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