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Skating Streaker's Outfit Sold on eBay

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This was an auction the online casino could not pass on, especially as it was labeled "a MUST HAVE COLLECTIBLE". This was the opportunity of a life-time, a chance for to purchase the costume of a streaker who curiously did his last job for himself and not for the online casino's money.

The apparently retired serial streaker, Ron Bensimhon must have lost his clothing during a stunt. Someone put it up on eBay and streaked past the other bidders to pick up this piece of unique memorabilia.

For a mere $6,400 US, picked up the actual costume that Mr. Bensimhon wore at the 2004 World Figure skating Championships where he jumped onto the ice wearing makeshift skates and performed a routine his very own. Wearing his gold tutu, he skated around American Champ Michelle Kwan. Security guards finally cornered him after Bensimhon eluded them while the slipping and sliding just barely out of reach.

If you don't remember that stunt, you will remember his antics at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games held in Greece. Mr. Bensimhon earned the nickname "the Fool in the Pool" after jumping off a diving board during the diving competition that ended with a synchronized swimming routine that earned him the affection of many Greek viewers. was as surprised as everyone else - Ron did the stunt for his own reasons and never coordinated with the casino.

Along with the costume (Gold Tutu, makeshift skates, and tights adorned with coins), also received an autographed Ron Bensimhon Bobble Head., and two autographed 8x10 pictures.

We might never know what happened to Bensimhon (unless his recording dreams come to life) but we do know that will be bringing this unique piece of online casino memorabilia to tour.

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