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Michalczewski Defeats Hall In Edge-of-Your-Seat Bout

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GERMANY -- Dariusz 'The Tiger' Michalczewski was victorious in one of the toughest fights of his career against Jamaican-American Richard Hall. In an absolute war in Braunschweig, Germany, both fighters gave the fans one to remember in a rematch which surpassed even the lofty expectations set by their controversial first fight in December of last year.

Hall out-fought the Tiger in the first few rounds. Michalczewski took three or four hard shots in the opening minutes resulting in cuts over both eyes. These cuts caused a noticeable effect on the Tiger, as blood from the worst of his two cuts dripped into his right eye.

The Polish-German defending champion is known as a slow starter however and, as time went on, Michalczewski began to capitalize on his opportunities. Rounds five and six were good ones for the champion. As Hall's exertions from the opening rounds of the bout slowed him somewhat, the Tiger landed his first meaningful combinations even as his right eye closed from taking all those jabs.

In the seventh round, Michalczewski took charge, landing a really hard combination -- a right/left/left hook -- which would have felled many light-heavies. But then Hall suddenly found a second wind and engaged Michalczewski in an absolute war. The challenger -- abandoning his defense completely -- mixed it to body and head while the shorter champion was determined to knock his tormentor's head off with his pulverizing right hands.

It proved to be the incorrect strategy. Michalczewski, by far the bigger puncher, began slamming home his big shots as Hall refused to cover up. After taking enormous amounts of power-shots Hall was stopped on his feet in round ten.

Richard Hall sported the now-familiar back tattoo advertising the popular cyber casino As this fight was held in Germany, the North American-based gaming site continues to expand its global reach with this innovative marketing campaign.

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Great Fighters Find AWay Too Win.You Have Too Be Able Too Take A Punch.The Best Can And Always Do.

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