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Tattooed Hopkins Breaks Record With Latest Victory

» Click to Enlarge is a proud sponsor of Bernard 'The Executioner' Hopkins - Undisputed WBC, WBA, and IBF Middleweight Champion of the World. On February 2, 2002, Bernard Hopkins made history by defeating Carl Daniels for his 15th successful title defense - breaking the 25-year-old middleweight championship defense record held by Carlos Monzon.

This is the second time we've 'backed' Hopkins with a Henna tattoo. He first sported on his back when he defeated Felix Trinidad, unifying the WBC, WBA, and IBF belts. This time, his win secured him a place in the record books.

Hopkins wore down Daniels with a punishing attack to win by technical stoppage early in the 11th round. Referee Frank Cappuccino stopped the bout on the advice of Daniels' corner. Daniels drops to 47-4-1 (30 KO's), and Hopkins improves to 41-2-1 (30 KO's). The champ won in typical fashion - methodical and effective, but not always pretty to watch.

Hopkins used a combination of lead rights and crushing left body blows to systematically break down his opponent's defense. Hopkins, who landed 45 percent of his total punches and 56 percent of his power shots, stepped it up in the fifth round and overwhelmed Daniels with four consecutive lefts in the ninth.

Hopkins fought brilliantly, further exemplifying why some consider him to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. 'The Executioner' says that this record means a lot to him, and it's something that only great fighters are able to achieve.

While training for his fight against Daniels, Hopkins told that breaking the record was 'very important' to him and that 'this is a record that was believed to be there for years and years to come. This is on the same level as someone trying to break Rocky Marciano's heavyweight record. Some have failed, but I will succeed. Monzon was a great fighter, and a warrior, and to me that's important.'

Succeed he did, and in dramatic fashion. Hopkins is an extremely talented fighter and a tremendous competitor. Despite this record-breaking victory however, Hopkins is still under-appreciated by many critics.

Says Hopkins, 'It's motivation for some, and it kills some. It depends on the individual you say it to. The things that have been said to me in boxing broke a lot of people easily, but instead it motivated me. Everybody hates Bernard Hopkins. I've been groomed to handle adversity. Once you've been against the odds for so long, then that's a challenge to me to always show them I can do it when they say I can't. For some people it messes with their psyche, but it's only a man's opinion. They can't take the hard work, the establishing records, and the Hall of Fame away from me. They can't take away what a man does well.'

Hopkins sported his sponsor's Internet address '' on his back, as he did in his win against Felix Trinidad several months ago. The tattooed ad on his back has recently caused quite a stir. The Nevada Athletic Commission is attempting to ban these types of ads, and Hopkins believes this is a violation of the First Amendment. No ruling has been made as of yet.

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