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The Online Casino famous for its unorthodox advertising techniques has scored again with wearable TV advertising on the streets of Las Vegas, the gambling center of the universe. Several models, wearing the 7-pound vests outfitted with a flat-screen TV and a mini DVD player, roamed the strip catching the eyes of passersby and handing out promotional CDs along the way. The innovative media blitz is the brainchild of Floridian David Berman, who came up with the idea a couple of years ago and has now refined it to the point where he?s ready to test it out at ?the next level?. He says that he ??looked at Vegas because this is a city of innovation where (people) are always working to build something better and be the best?.

The models will be touring various areas around Las Vegas for 30 days promoting all the while ??engaging passers-by with their personal wit and charm. This in turn, gets people to notice the video message, Berman explained.? Mr. Berman explains that since the traditional method of advertising in Las Vegas is to use giant LCD screens and that there are so many of them, the messages tend to be ignored by pedestrians. His idea is fairly simple; take the ad messages to the people. Put them at eye-level, and add an element of human interaction into the mix. David Temple, Berman?s local partner says: ??that's what it's all about.?The interaction between the model and consumer (is impressive). Now, you're not only in awe of TV you're talking to it."

It seems to be working wonders already. Mr. Berman and Mr. Temple are now in very good company; sharing quarters with other advertising firsts such as advertising by body tattoos (on foreheads, pregnant bellies and cleavages), ads on bikinis, rooftops and entire families. David Berman is certainly breaking new ground with his wearable TV, and so is, with its unusual marketing techniques.

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