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Sponsor My Trip to Las Vegas!

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Here?s a sponsorship deal we haven?t heard of yet. A seller from Debary, FL is simply asking for money to help finance a trip to Las Vegas. Nothing hidden here, no secret agenda, just money for a trip. What could be more honest? In return for the help with the trip, the seller and two friends will wear articles of clothing that advertise for the winning bidder?s company. Well, wouldn?t you know it? won the eBay auction with a bid of $777.00. So this trio will be wearing whatever can outfit them with. Or, as the seller puts it: ?all 3 of us that are going, both of my friends I work with, and me (2 guys and a girl) are all going to wear your advertisement for the 4 days, AT LEAST 8 hours a day, and we'll wear anything you got shirts, hats, temporary tattoos, socks, ANYTHING you can come up with all 3 of us are willing to wear.?

It sounds like this seller has done some serious thinking in planning this auction. In order to attract a company to outfit them with advertising apparel, they say: ?Think about it, when you're in Vegas what do you do? Gamble!! When you're gambling what does everyone see? Your Back!! No matter what you're doing, Craps, Black Jack, Slots, Walking down the world famous strip, and much more! Everyone sees your back so I figured someone would like to buy a huge sponsorship for their advertisement to run in one of the most popular cities in America for 4 straight days with maximum exposure.? Now that is well thought out, and it sounds like a great way to do a small media blitz in the gambling center of the universe.

Though definitely not a first in the advertising apparel category, these lucky folks are sure to have a great time on their trip. Some other notable walking, talking billboards to wear clothing include a 9-Ball team at Las Vegas tournament, a family of 6 outfitted as they went about their daily lives, and a woman who rented out space on her bikini for the duration of her Hawaiian vacation. This is of course, not including the walking talking billboards of the more permanent variety, such as Molly Demers, who got two permanent tattoos on her shaved head, and Forehead Goldie, who had permanently tattooed on her forehead.

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