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That nutty Runaway Bride turns up in Wisconsin!

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Some stories are just plain nutty, some people are, and then again so are some online auctions! This one is about as nutty as they come. Somewhere in Wisconsin, a peanut was discovered, emblazoned with the image of the Runaway Bride, Jennifer Wilbanks, who became famous for ducking out on her own wedding. It?s certainly not unheard of to find the image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary appearing on interesting things and in interesting places around the world, but this has to be a first!, the internet casino notorious for making major headlines with their outlandish eBay purchases paid $100 for the nut. And that?s not peanuts! According to the owner of the nut ?Amazingly, her image just appeared on a peanut. What could this possibly mean? Were peanuts somehow involved in this whole fiasco? Only time will tell!? One thing is for sure; only time will tell if any other famous faces will be suddenly appearing on other auction items in the near future.

Now that is the proud owner of the nut, they and can add it to the growing collection of online auction oddities it has purchased recently. It will certainly have a lot of company, sharing accommodations with another famous nut (a Canadian guy?s left one!), as well as the likes of the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese and the Britney Spears pregnancy test. It?s anyone?s guess what might pop up for sale on eBay next! So keep on the lookout for more nutty online auctions.

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On May 09th, 2006 at 7:17 PM brian said:

thats nutz

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