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Give $20,000?!?! Over My Dead Body!!

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The phrase ?Over My Dead Body!? takes on a whole new ?life? with this unusual eBay auction. A seller from Bellmawr, NJ has agreed to pay $20,000? when they die. Everybody seems hard pressed to predict what the next strange online auction that wins will be, but there are obviously some pretty imaginative sellers out there who continue to come up with ideas that boggle the mind.

Here?s exactly what the seller says: ?You are bidding on $20,000 dollars when I die. All you have to do is be the highest bidder and you will be put in my will and I will sign a written contract stating that you are to be put in my will and not removed no matter what and that you will receive $20,000 dollars when I die.? And just in case you?re wondering if there will, in fact be $20,000 available to the winner when the fateful day comes, they say that: ?I have had a $50,000 dollar life insurance policy along with my parent?s life insurance policies, so even if I die with no assets the $20,000 dollars will definitely be there. You can also write up the contract if it makes you feel more secure doing it your self.? got in on this deal for the tidy sum $51.00. That?s not a bad return on your investment, is it? And the online casino may not have to wait that long for it either, as the seller says: ?? all you have to do is be the high bidder and you have $20,000 dollars. I smoke cigarettes and drink so odds are I?m going to be gone a little earlier than I?m supposed to be.?

So, after buying their way into this person?s will, purchasing Ariel Sharon's bloodied bandage, paying a woman to shave her head and get two permanent tattoos on her scalp, and scooping up the Jesus Pireogi; shows no signs of slowing down on the interesting and unusual eBay auction buys. Keep your browser tuned to this channel for updates on this and other stories.

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