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?Sup! Yo! Dat M&M Wrapper is WACK!

Yes that?s right, a wrapper and only a wrapper. It?s a little difficult to say what the significance of this wrapper is, exactly, since there isn?t an image of a religious figure anywhere on it. The seller isn?t exactly forthcoming with any real reasons for purchasing the item, but instead, seems to be a master of self-promotion. The eBay auction page really draws you in and makes you want to get involved.

Our best bet as to the significance of this auction is something about a rivalry between the two rappers (get it? Wrappers/rappers?) Eminem (read: M&M), and 50 Cent (the starting bid being $0.50). The only clues that the seller, one ?woohoo mystery man? from Waynesboro, Virginia give are rather cryptic in nature. Some examples are: ?M&M WRAPPER, Starting at 50 Cent!!?, and ?Give it up for the WRAPPER M&M!!!! Yup ... JUST THE M&M WRAPPER!?

At any rate, now has another online auction oddity to add to its collection. Perhaps you?ll even get a chance to see this very M&M Wrapper on tour with the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese, the Jesus Pierogi and the Ariel Sharon bandage to name but a few. All we can say for sure is that has definitely done it again with this unusual online auction purchase!

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On February 27th, 2006 at 12:22 PM Sarah said:

OMG these people have way to much free time.....

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