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Ohio gubernatorial candidate sells himself to the highest bidder!

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Larry Bays has auctioned off the right to use his handy-man skills for a year to The online casino paid $2,510.00 for his services on eBay. Not that Larry will work for them continuously for the whole year, just one 8-hour day per month. Still, that?s 12 full days of free handy-man work. He says that he can paint, clean, and do most things that might be required around a home or office.

He?s raising money for his gubernatorial campaign? again. You may have the feeling that you?ve already read this, and you have, sort of. You see, he?s done this before, and got $900.00 that time. It seems that he?s worth quite a bit more this time around. hasn?t bought anything else like this. So there?s really nothing to compare it to in the vast world of unusual eBay auction purchases. We can only hope that Larry, after he?s elected, doesn?t get contracted to guard the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese sandwich or the Britney Spears recently pregnancy test.

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