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Moving up in the world! Ad space on grain elevator!

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In another first in the unusual ad space department, Golden Palace Online Casino has purchased the opportunity to place an ad on a grain elevator. The large rectangular elevator is about 32 feet wide, 48 feet deep and 110 feet tall, giving the online casino a huge space in which to place its logo. The ad will stay in place to 3 years, making the price less than $14 per month; a good advertising deal by any standards. While the seller is in Carthage, IL, the elevator itself is in ??Niota, Hancock County, IL; 50 feet from the Mississippi River; crossed from Fort Madison, Iowa and next to the Fort Madison Bridge, which is the only Bridge to cross that section of the Mississippi River between Keokuk, Iowa and Burlington, Iowa; on the Illinois Scenic Drive Highway and main highway into Nauvoo, IL.?, as described on the eBay auction page.

With this eBay auction purchase, has surpassed the size of the advertising space purchased from Buxom Lisa from Pawtucket, RI. And apparently the audience for this ad is quite sizeable, with ?? a total audience of well over 1,560,000 people annually and growing?, according the seller?s estimation based on the populations of nearby towns and tourist traffic. This ad space is unusual for in that it does not walk or talk and has no cleavage. The online casino is always up to something new in the advertising department, and maybe this switch over to non-human advertising is the start of a new trend.

With this huge ad space on the grain elevator easily viewable from as far away as two miles, you can be sure it?ll get noticed, even with out the cleavage! From the Online Casino that brought you the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese and the Jesus Pierogi; the Britney Spears home pregnancy test, the permanent forehead tattoos and the 100 Painted Cows, we now have the Grain Elevator Ad. What will they come up with next?

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