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A fellow from Monmouth, ME has created a scrapbook entirely dedicated to the Golden Palace Online Casino. won the eBay auction and purchased the book for $37.00. As the seller states: ?This is a one of a kind item. No one has ever made a scrapbook dedicated to and this is an eBay auction first. Find all of amazing and unbelievable purchases all in one place. This scrapbook is a lot of fun to look at and has provided hours of entertainment for me, friends and family. It has been a lot of fun putting this together. Inside you will find every online auction has participated in. You will also find a screen shot of the eBay auction itself.?

Also, after the auction is over, the seller will continue to document the Online Casino?s eBay buying frenzy and send the new pages to the winner as they take place. This sounds like a great way to keep track of all the online auctions the has won. Maybe I should get a copy and keep it at my desk as reference! The seller tells us that: ?This book is made out of a heavy weight poly 3 ring binder. Each auction item has two pages and they are organized in the order the auction was won. There are pictures and winning bid prices. The total value of items in this scrapbook is approximately $1,225,832.15. This figure includes all items purchased that had a listed winning bid value. This does not include the money has raised for charity.?

This auction represents a bit of a change from the usual body tattoos and grilled cheese sandwiches (not that there could be more than one Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese!). It also represents a step towards having a hard copy record of all the interesting and unusual online auction buys that the online casino has made since it started making marketing history on eBay.

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