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Golden Palace Buys Lucky Four Leaf Clover

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As an online casino, Golden Palace understands the importance of luck - not only in gambling but in life. When this four leaf clover, along with two letters, was put up for auction on eBay, had to have it for its collection. Who would be a more fitting owner of this lucky charm, than an online casino?

Four leaf clovers are very rare, but what makes this one even more special is the history behind it. This lucky little plant was mailed to soldier, Joe Ferris in France during World War I by his fiance in the New York. She had hoped it would bring her future husband luck. It must have worked! Ferris returned home and had a distinguished career at law firm in New York. Ferris is known for writing a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court that freed birth control activist, Maraget Sanger from jail in 1917.

Golden Palace is proud to be the new caretaker of this amazing lucky charm and memento of American history.

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