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Cows need names too!

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Everything needs a name, and cows are no exception. Though they don?t actually use them amongst themselves (at least not that we know of), they?re important for record-keeping purposes. A Herdsman from Williamsburg, PA has offered up the opportunity to put the name of your choosing on 5 cows on his dairy farm. Here?s how he puts it: ?In this auction the high bidder gets to name 5 Holstein calves. In return you will receive a copy of their pedigree and registration paper, from the Holstein Association with the names you selected. There are 4 females (heifers) and 1 male (bull).? Sounds like a good deal, and for a winning bid of $41.00, that?s $8.20 per name!

At the time of this auction, all the calves were under 3 weeks old, with the youngest being 10 hours old. The owner of the calves says that the names are permanent for the life of the cow, and can never be changed. He also says that: ?You can name them after actors/actresses, friends, relatives, loved ones, rock stars, cities, countries....etc...or even be creative and make your own up. I'm sure your kids, if you have any, can come up with some good ones.? has named several humans so far, but this is the first case of animal naming. Maybe not the last; though they have put their name on a new species of monkey. So far there have been human babies and an adult woman that have given their naming rights to the Online Casino. Who knows what?s next?

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Comments on this event
On May 23rd, 2006 at 6:27 PM Emilie said:

I think all animals need names just like us! how would you act if you didn't get a name? everything deservs to get name!
On August 07th, 2006 at 7:34 PM Bovinator said:

Emilie, I totally agree. I have named the one on the left Justin and the one on the right Samantha. If the one on the left is a female, then call her Justina instead. If the one on the right is a male, then call him Samuel instead. That should just about cover it. Good night everyone.
On November 07th, 2006 at 2:04 PM Amanda said:

I definitly think that cows should get names!I own cows myself and name every one of them. Cows are awesome!!! And so are their names.

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