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Somewhere there?s a cherry that has no stone?

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Like the old riddle song ?I Gave My Love A Cherry?, but in reverse! This UK seller just gave the stone instead; in return for $180.90 USD. So somewhere out there, there is a cherry that has no stone to go with the chicken that has no bone! An enterprising individual from Brierley Hill, UK, has made online auction history, by selling a single cherrystone on eBay. And who would purchase such a thing? Why, none other than, famous for their interesting and unusual online auction purchases.

The former owner of the cherrystone claims that ?This may not be the most beautiful cherry stone ever, but it gave its life for my culinary pleasure, and it was a beautiful cherry! Only now, it needs a home because I just can?t throw it away!? Some ideas as to what the buyer of the stone could do with it were also suggested, such as: ?Why not plant it and let it have its own family, or use it is a very small paperweight. The possibilities are endless!? At least we all know that the possibilities for auctioning off almost anything online are endless.

The seller also promised that the stone will be washed before it is sent, and securely packaged; so there won?t be any sanitary concerns connected with this auction item. This lone cherrystone will now go down in history as one of the strange things purchased by from an online auction. If it?s lonely, it will easily be kept company by other such oddities as the Celebrity Jar, the Plastered Jesus, and other recent purchases by the online casino. Who knows, maybe the boneless chicken will be next!

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Comments on this event
On August 23rd, 2005 at 9:20 PM Cerise said:

Yes, there is a cherry that has no stone - and someone MUST have been stoned to pay $180 USD for this. I had an awesome peach for lunch today. A peach pit is considerably larger than a cherry pit. It is also more interesting (and more photogenic) than a cherry pit, as peach pits are more convoluted and retain some peach flesh residue in the ridges. I will keep my peach pit locked in my safety deposit box until I get the $1,000 for it that I deserve!!
On September 04th, 2005 at 10:07 PM seivie b said:

YOU guys are so stupid

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