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There were some very interesting goings on at the eBay Live 2006 conference in Las Vegas. With over 10,000 attendees, hundreds of expert instructors and speakers eBay Live! 2006 in Las Vegas was a tremendous success. sponsored a group of 8 eBay celebrities at the show, and now we?re seeing the results of their activities in Las Vegas. One of the eBay Power Sellers, aleegold, has saved her conference lanyard & pins all collected at eBay Live. She?s also sold her ID card, signed by eBay CEO Meg Whitman and the famous and beloved Uncle Griff. And this auction included the harder to find Rhinestone Bling eBay Live Pin too!

Proceeds of this auction will go to the Freedom Fund which sends care packages to deployed National Guardsman in Iraq. Packages & letters from home are a necessity to the troops. They lift morale and help to keep the soldiers alert and committed to their work. They deserve much gratitude for their sacrifices, and they've suffered mightily in 120+ degree heat, sandstorms, and the obvious daily dangers they face everyday.

With 8 eBay celebs having gone to the conference, there should be more to come from the group. Who knows what they might bring back and sell on eBay? will be sure to be watching for more upcoming auctions, and hopefully have the chance to support more worthwhile charities in the process.

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