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Disgruntled Wilbanks Wedding Guest's Invitation Sold on eBay

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May 10, 2005, Duluth, GA -- In what is quickly becoming a Jennifer Wilbanks scrapbook, has added another piece of the infamous Runaway Bride's puzzle to their collection--the wedding invitation.

After the ill-fated nuptial was cancelled, the seller decided to auction off his parents' wedding invitation to the highest bidder, which ended up being the Internet casino notorious for making major headlines with their outlandish eBay purchases. paid $355 for the invitation.

Only a few days ago, won the auction for the Jennifer Wilbanks Runaway Bride Kit, a collection of items intended to help any runaway bride make a clean getaway. Although the seller of the gag kit misled buyers into thinking they were buying from Jennifer Wilbanks herself, it was just an attempt to capitalize on a popular news story.

Some of's most recent press has come from their purchase of Britney Spears' used pregnancy test and the Volkswagen Golf formerly owned by Pope Benedict XVI.

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Britney's wedding invitation will be next

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