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Dawn Higson, World Armwrestling Champion has sold advertising space to for $5,412.30. She?ll wear ads for the Online Casino on her competition track suits, and for one year, place ads on her website ( and her car. Dawn is trying to raise funds to help her get to this year?s world championships in Tokyo in November, and it looks like she?s been successful in that endeavor. Let?s hope she?s just as successful at the competition!

She participates in competitions all over the world and will be traveling to Belgium and Holland, among other locations in the next few months. So while at the competition in Tokyo, she?s agreed to not only wear clothing and hats, but have a temporary tattoo on her arm and forehead. Also, her manager will be wearing the online casinos clothing line along side her.

There seems to be a trend now, of people who are either competing internationally or touring around the world or the country doing something in public, who have discovered the advantage to having a tattoo on them while in the spotlight. Started way back by boxers who were willing to tattoo their backs, we?ve recently seen a comedian and now an Armwrestler who will be advertising for the online casino while out and about. Let?s see who?s next!

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On September 20th, 2005 at 2:51 PM Martin Solevchk said:

mmmm.. I like strong woman. Good for you Dawn!

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