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The writing is actually going to be on the roof, the body and the car of this online auction seller. A woman from Longview Texas has agreed to sell advertising rights on several personal spaces to the winning bidder. For a cool $396.00, has won the right to advertise in three areas of this woman's life. Here's what she had for sale on eBay: a large banner on the roof of her home, a magnetic ad on two sides of her car, and the promise to wear an article of clothing with the winning bidder's logo on it, all for one month.

The seller says that she lives on a very busy street, with around 1000 cars driving by her house every day, and frequently goes out to the mall, to dinner and attends sporting events, in which the clothing and car advertising would be seen by many. She'll also throw some PR work into the bargain, doing interviews and commercials if need be. How accommodating can you get? This is just another feather in the cap of the

With all the different advertising opportunities has purchased, like the permanent tattoo on Forehead Goldie, and the other body advertising that has made so famous, this online auction item will fit right in with the rest.

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